Three Essential Tips for Managing Sunlight in Your Office

Sunlight can compromise comfort and productivity in your office. In general, if natural light flows into the office, there will be significant glare on reflective screens. Therefore, the individuals working on computers will not be able to function efficiently. Often, this might mean moving from one work area to another to escape the harsh light. Also, you should note the radiation from the sun can have a negative effect on the employees' health and the office upholstery. If you want to manage these detriments, you should consider these simple guidelines for sunlight control.

Choose Suitable Blinds

You should look for new blinds to complement your interior design and provide protection against harsh sunlight. The right blinds will minimise the glare on your screens and create a more comfortable environment for working. There are numerous types and designs of blinds to consider for your commercial space. However, if your primary concern is solar shading, you should first consider the level of light transmission and control afforded by the window treatments.

Light transmission refers to the transparency or opaqueness of the blind. In general, a translucent blind product will provide the best performance because it will allow natural light into the room while minimising the glare. However, if you are planning on installing the blinds in a conference or media room, you should consider the benefits of blackout blinds which cut off most light. Additionally, you should check the blind control options for different light levels.

Talk with a blind manufacturer to learn about the various options you may want in different rooms.

Apply Window Films

You should think about applying films to the glass windows to minimise the effects of sunlight in your office space. In general, the film will filter the solar radiation, creating a comfortable environment. Films have different levels of transparency.

If you want to enhance privacy while cutting off light, you should choose tinted window films. You can also purchase reflective films which offer privacy and protection against heat and light. However, you should note that films tend to change the appearance of the building.

Redesign Your Space

You can minimise the impact of sunlight by designing your commercial space with the sun in mind. It is unfortunate that one cannot change the orientation of the building for less solar radiation. However, you can change the orientation and position of things in your office. If the glare on screens is the most common concern, you should change the direction of the monitors. You can also build cubicles to exclude excess sunlight from the workstations.

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