4 Reasons to Choose a Pontoon Jet Ski Dock Over a Lift

If you need to store jet skis out of the water, you're probably going to find yourself choosing between either lifts or floating pontoon docks. A lift is a mechanical system that literally lifts a jet ski right out of the water. In contrast, floating docks are made from several pontoons that can be driven onto to take a jet ski out of the water. 

While both options that their own benefits and drawbacks, most people will find that floating docks make the best choice. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Greater Convenience

Probably the best thing about choosing a pontoon jet ski dock is that they are so easy to use. Once the rider is done on the water, they simply need to drive up onto the pontoons, turn off the jet ski and then walk away. That's something any rider can do, so pontoon docks are particularly attractive for businesses that rent out jet skis to people without much experience. Lifts require a little more work and time to use, so they simply don't offer the same level of convenience.

2. Easy Installation

A pontoon jet ski dock is very easy to put together. Once that's done, you simply slip it into the water and attach it to the dock. Jet ski lifts need to be properly mounted to a dock and often fitted to electrical lines. They must also deal with uneven bottoms, which isn't the case with pontoon docks since they sit on the water and never need to touch the bottom. The easier installation process for pontoon docks is great for anyone, but it should be particularly attractive if you regularly need to change the location of your jet ski storage.

3. Reduced Maintenance

By their very nature, mechanical jet ski lifts feature many moving parts. However careful you are, many of those parts will fail over time and need to be replaced — for example, you'll need to regularly replace the cable of a lift system. Pontoon systems don't have any mechanical parts. This means maintenance needs will be reduced and repairs far less expensive.

4. Superior Flexibility

Floating jet ski docks are made of several pontoon cubes that are linked together. This means you can always change the layout to adapt to shifting needs. For example, it's possible to fit many pontoon cubes together to create one long floating dock that can accommodate a fleet of jet skis rather than just one. With lifts, that flexibility just isn't available.

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