Understanding the Common Removal Options for Your Old Turf

If you are planning on installing a new lawn on your property, you will need to prepare for the removal of the old turf. This process is crucial for the complete replacement of the poor quality grass in your home. Besides, if you want to install different species of grass, the removal of the old material will ensure ideal results. Here are the primary techniques that you can use to remove the out-dated turf to allow the installation of fresh grass. 

Apply Thick Mulch

You can kill the old turf on your lawn by applying heavy mulch over the grass. The heavy mulch will prevent the plants from getting the essential elements such as sunlight and air which are required for growth. This process should be conducted during warm weather, and it will take some time to achieve the desired effect. Ideally, you will need to obtain mulching materials such as old carpeting, wood chips, corrugated cardboard or newspapers. Cut the grass as low as possible and then apply your mulching. You should make sure that the mulch is properly anchored for a good outcome.

Solarise the Grass

Solarisation is a turf removal method which requires time like mulching. This technique involved killing the grass and accompanying weeds through overheating. For this process, the season should be warm because you will be relying on heat from the sun. You should first cut the grass close to the grade. Then, you should purchase a plastic sheet and place it over the patch of land you wish to clear. Anchor it and leave it in position for the achievement of the desired effect. You should note that this method will not work in shaded areas.

Plan for Sod Cutting

If you do not have the patience for mulching or solarisation, you should plan for the mechanical removal of the old turf. If you have a small yard, you should use a grubbing hoe to dig out the old grass. If your lawn is large or you are not familiar with hoes, you can rent a sod cutter. This piece of equipment will slice the old grass from beneath, allowing you to remove the turf with considerable ease. The mechanical removal of the material can be tough if the ground is dry. Therefore, you should plan for the project after rain. Alternatively, you can water the soil.

Finally, you should consider using a herbicide for chemical removal of the lawn grass and weeds on your property for fast and thorough results. 

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