How Infrequent Maintenance Can Lead to Air Conditioner Leaks

The best way to keep your air conditioner in working order for as long as possible is to have it regularly maintained by an AC service company. If you don't, one common problem you could face is a leak. AC unit leaks can damage your walls and lead to mould growth, and they're often more costly to deal with than regular check-ups would be. Here are three ways you could end up with leaky unit if you don't get it maintained on a regular basis.

The Coil Could Get Dirty

Air conditioning units are meant to produce a lot of moisture, but you're not meant to see it leaking out. Instead, the units have a built-in evaporator coil that helps drain the water away. However, if you never have your AC cleaned, the coil can get dirty. A coil that's caked in dust and debris won't be able to draw water to its surface, often leaving you with dirty puddles dripping down your walls and onto your floor. Thankfully, regular inspections and cleanings are an easy way to keep your coil dirt-free and in good working order.

The Pipes Could Get Clogged

Sometimes, the dirt inside an unmaintained air conditioner doesn't end up on your floor—it ends up in the drainage system instead. This may not sound like a problem at first, but it's important to remember that your drain pipes are made to carry clean water only. Too much dirty water can quickly lead to a clog or a blockage, which then causes overflow leakage. When water overflows into places it shouldn't be, it can also lead to rusting. Rust is known to cause dangerous air conditioner failures, so you want to avoid it at all costs. It's best to have your AC checked often so clogged drains can be cleaned before they cause a problem. You can also help prevent blockages yourself by pouring a bleach and water mixture down your drain lines every few months to kill any mould growth and wash away debris.

The Coil Could Ice Over

Aside from dirt, ice is another issue your coil could face. Air conditioners that aren't maintained often enough can end up with dirty filters that don't let enough air through. Refrigerant levels can also get low if left unchecked. Poor air flow and a lack of refrigerant can both lead to extreme temperature drops that cause your coil to ice over. Once this happens, the ice can melt rapidly, overflowing the drain pan and leaving puddles on the floor. Regular air filter replacements and refrigerant check-ups are any easy preventative for icy coils.

For more information, contact your local air conditioner service.

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