Three Essential Guidelines for Electrical Transformer Installation

If you are preparing to install an electrical transformer for your commercial or industrial application, you should hire an experienced technician for the process. In general, transformers are expensive, and their internal structure is quite intricate. Therefore, if they are handled poorly during installation, they could sustain damage, causing your business significant losses. In addition, the setup of a transformer can be dangerous; incorrect practices could cause immediate and future hazards. Here are the most critical tips that you should remember before commencing the transformer installation work.

Inspect the Installation Site

You should choose an ideal site for installing your electrical transformer to ensure safety and efficiency. Poor choice of site can lead to premature failure of the asset, and the cost of replacement or repair will be high. Moreover, if the unit is installed in an unsuitable place, it could cause an accident. When choosing your site, you should evaluate the relevant safety codes for your worksite. The transformer should never be placed in a spot that will compromise movement or pose a threat to nearby workers. If you would like to install the unit on the ground, you should ensure that the soil conditions are suitable. If you intend to place it inside your building, you should have the strength of your structure assessed first.

Check the Transformer Condition

You should check the condition of your electrical transformer before commissioning the installation. If a damage unit is set up in your operation, it will not function as expected, and it might cause an accident when it fails. Also, you will have to waste more time and labour performing repairs or replacing the transformer. You should perform visual inspection after the delivery of the electrical unit. If there are broken, damaged or worn out parts, you should not proceed with the installation. Also, you should look out for corrosion, moisture and accumulated dirt. If you are not certain about anything, you should consult your technician and the equipment supplier.

Follow the Installation Instructions

Finally, you should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the installation of the electrical transformer. Failure to adhere to the recommendations can compromise the safety and performance of your unit. Also, this issue can cause problems with your warranty or guarantee agreements. You should be particularly attentive to the instructions on protecting the unit. For example, if you are planning on storing the transformer for some time on your site, you should check the recommendations. Also, check the details on grounding, handling protective coatings and making durable connections.

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