Is there an alternative to a one-on-one performance review?

For your business to function efficiently, it is essential that you know how well each member of your team is performing as well as how effectively your team functions as a unit. The traditional way of determining how well your staff are performing is through one-on-one reviews between the member of staff and their immediate superior. The difficulty of this approach is that it is not always a reliable guide to performance.

Why one-on-one reviews don't work.

Holding a one-on-one review with an employee provides an opportunity to talk to the employee. The interviewer can find out how the employee thinks they are performing, and they can then provide their own assessment based on their observations and any feedback they have received from others. That type of review can be of only limited usefulness since the feedback which it provides comes from only a single perspective. The person conducting the interview assessment may have only limited 'hands-on' experience doing the individual's job and may not even interact much with them on a daily basis. It will, therefore, be hard for them to form an accurate assessment of the individual's capabilities without fully appreciating the nature of the job they do.

One-on-one assessments can also suffer from bias since ultimately they are based on how well one person thinks that another is doing. That judgement could be clouded by personal dislike, a lack of relevant knowledge, or even the incompetence of the reviewer. Any feedback which the manager may have received prior to the interview is not guaranteed to be recent, and it is likely to have been submitted as a result of a workplace problem rather than intended as a judgement on an individual's performance.

What is the alternative?

Instead of a one-on-one review, an increasing number of companies are realising the benefits of offering employees a 360 degree feedback assessment instead. A 360 degree feedback assessment gathers feedback from not just the individual being assessed and their manager, but also all of the people with whom they interact each day. The benefit of this approach is that the people providing the feedback are the people best placed to see how the work of the employee impacts the rest of the company. They will know whether she is doing a good job and how her performance can be improved.

If you would like to know more about how a 360 Degree Feedback Assessment could make your company more efficient, then speak to your nearest provider today.


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