Two Tips for Owners of Small Businesses Who've Decided to Rebrand Their Enterprises

If you've decided that your business would benefit from being rebranded, here are some tips you might like.

Inform your usual packaging supplier as soon as you settle on a new logo, name and motto

It's important to let your usual packaging supplier know about the rebrand as soon as you start working with a designer to create a new logo, name and motto. For example, if you have ordered a batch of packaging supplies from your supplier every month or quarter for the last few years, then they may have got into the habit of preparing your packaging supplies in advance of you ordering them. As such, if you don't tell them you're planning to rebrand, they may make up a batch of packaging supplies that feature your old branding, which they'll then have to discard.

Furthermore, if your rebranding will include using new packaging materials that your supplier has to use different equipment to make or that they have to source from a particular type of manufacturer, then it's important that you tell them that you need these new materials as early as possible in the rebranding process, as this will give them time to get this equipment or to order the materials that are needed from a specific manufacturer.

Make your customers aware of (and get them excited about) your rebranding plan

It's also important to make your customers aware of this upcoming change and to create some anticipation around the rebranding of your business. You can do this by sending emails to those who are signed up to your business' newsletter, detailing when the rebrand will occur, why it's happening and how it will (or will not) affect the way you sell your goods or provide your services. To ensure that the customers perceive this as a positive change, you might want to host a party on your premises to celebrate the rebranding, during which you can provide the customers with some refreshments, entertainment and perhaps some free product samples, housed in the new packaging you've had made by your supplier.

It's important to prepare your customers, as if you spring this rebranding on them, they might get very confused. For example, if you order new packaging from your supplier that looks completely different to your old packaging, and you don't tell your customers about this change, they might assume that another company has bought and taken over your business or that the products themselves have changed, rather than just the branding on the packaging. Many of them might not necessarily contact you to get clarification on this matter but may instead just stop shopping at your premises.

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