3 Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems and How Each Works to Put Fire Out

Every business premise needs fire protection because fire outbreaks can occur unexpectedly. Certain things such as heating equipment, smoking materials, electrical or lighting equipment or cooking equipment are the major culprits of fires in most workplaces. Fires can also sometimes be set intentionally. If you aren't prepared to deal with the fire outbreaks, the business premises can be destroyed entirely in a few minutes, causing significant losses.

One effective way of dealing with unexpected fires in your business is by installing a fire sprinkler system. These devices are designed to put out the fire and minimise damages or prevent loss of lives. However, the fire sprinklers come in different types, and it's crucial to pick the one that meets the fire protection needs of your business premises. Here are three types of fire sprinkler systems you are likely to come across in the market.

The Wet Fire Sprinkler

This sprinkler system is very popular and readily available, using water to put out a fire. When the building is on fire, sprinkler heads sense the heat and burst open to discharge water. Remember, the system isn't designed to go off at once and only the sprinkler heads in the areas exposed to heat will discharge water. So even if there is a false alarm, your entire business premise won't be flooded with water because only one sprinkler head will discharge water.

The Dry Fire Sprinkler

The dry sprinklers are like the wet sprinklers, but they first release air and then water. Usually, the valve holds in the compressed air and remains closed to ensure water doesn't go out. When the building is on fire, the sprinkler head detects the heat and discharges the pressurised air first. Water then flows into the pipes to extinguish the fire. This system is suitable for facilities like industrial warehouses and outdoor parking areas. Also, companies with commercial freezers, loading docks or any area where pipes can freeze may find dry sprinklers reliable and effective.

The Foam Fire Sprinkler

Another sprinkler system you can install in your commercial building to fight fire is a foam fire sprinkler. This system discharges foam and water to extinguish the flames. It is suitable for facilities that contain hazardous materials or flammable liquids. This could be an industry, warehouse or aircraft hangar. 

The system discharges the foam and water on all heads to cover the entire area so the fire cannot spread quickly. If you have a lot of highly flammable content in the building, it's advisable to invest in several foam sprinklers to help control fire faster and more efficiently.

Regardless of the kind of sprinkler you decide to use, choose one that will help save lives, protect your belongings and reduce damage in case of a fire outbreak. Now that you know how the wet, dry and foam fire sprinkler systems work, selecting the one that suits your requirements shouldn't be challenging. For more information, contact a company that provides fire sprinkler systems.

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