Top Things to Think About When Buying Structural Timber When Building a Barn

You might be building a small storage barn that you are going to use for storing household items, or you could be building a barn for your livestock. Either way, you might have decided that you want to build the structure with wood. If this is the case, then you might be ready to start shopping for structural timber right now. This is the first step toward getting your building project started, of course, and it's actually one of the most important steps that you will take. These are the top things that you will need to think about when buying structural timber for your barn building project.

Choose the Right Type of Timber

You can purchase timber that is made from all sorts of wood. Redwood is a popular choice for outdoor building projects and might just be perfect if you want to build a barn. Cedar is another popular choice. Many people choose pine because it's more affordable and is sometimes easier to find, but you should be aware that pine should be treated if you're going to be using it for outdoor buildings.

Make Sure It's Properly Treated

Although this might not be a concern in regards to the timber that is going to be used inside your barn, you should think about the timber that is going to be exposed to the elements. This timber should be properly treated since this helps prevent rot.

Buy in the Right Sizes

There are a few primary reasons why you should carefully check your barn building plans and make sure that you are purchasing structural timber in the right sizes:

  • Ensuring that your wood is of the proper size will help you ensure that your project turns out as you want it to.
  • Buying wood that is already cut to the proper size speeds things up and makes things easier for you.
  • You won't have to worry about purchasing saws or other cutting equipment if you simply purchase wood that is already cut to the size that you need.
  • You can avoid waste if you simply purchase wood in the right sizes instead of purchasing bigger pieces and cutting them yourself. This is more environmentally friendly, and it also saves you money on your barn building project.

Check it Over

Make sure that you check your timber over before you buy it. You'll want to look for warping, rotting or other imperfections. Obviously, you'll want to start your building project off with good-quality timber, so this is something that you should look for.

Contact a local structural timber supplier to learn more.

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